Publications and Seminars
Successful Jerusalem: Vision, Scenarios, and Strategies [2007]
Jerusalem in the future: the challenge of Transition [2007] . Ed: Shlomo Hasson. Contributions by Khamaisi, R.; Maoz, I.; Nasrallah, R.; Shovah, N.; Gonen, A. A publication of The Floersheimer Institute for Policy Studies.

About us
In his novel, Altneuland (Old New Land, 1902), Theodor Herzl, who was the father of modern political Zionism, pictured an advanced think tank gathered on the board of a modern steamer named Futuro to discuss some critical issues. Inspired by this vision, Futura Institute was founded by Professor Shlomo Hasson as a think tank to discuss issues concerning the future of the Sate of Israel from geopolitical, social, economic and cultural perspectives.